Since 2007, The Find has been dedicated to digging for the very best hip hop infused with jazz, funk & soul. Always putting artistry first. Our site is a go-to place to find hidden gems, overlooked talent & occasional surprises. Music mavericks, always above and beyond average.

We strive to bring back the feeling of being excited about finding new music. On the other hand, we are inspired by the culture of crate digging, and thus want you to (re)discover jazz, funk & soul grooves while you’re at it, using hip hop as a time capsule.

Our website provides a resource for the discovery of new, diverse and progressive sounds as well as hip hop reminiscent of the golden era. Functioning as a digital crate of records crammed full of fresh music, with also a healthy dose of jazz, funk, and soul.

Rather than focusing on meaningless high-quantity blogging, we get the most joy out of collaborating as well as creating physical releases. We’re all ears for new ideas.

What we’ve done so far? To name a few examples: We released a print edition of The Find, curated and released two vinyl records and several cassette tapes, published festival magazines for one of the biggest hip hop festivals in the Netherlands, co-hosted a live event in Berlin, released T-shirts together with Project Mooncircle &, made a magazine for an art exhibition, and set up close to 200 podcasts and guest mixes.

Discover a selection of our projects and collaborations, or get in touch with us if you want to collaborate. We’re open to hear any exciting ideas you’ve been playing with.