Since 2007, The Find has been dedicated to finding and sharing the finest hip hop, jazz, funk, soul & artistry on wax. Discover hidden hip hop gems, while uncovering and (re)discovering more music through hip hop.

From day 1 our aim has been to put collaborations on the first place of what we do. We’re all ears for ideas to create something new.

To get an idea of what we do: we’ve released a print edition of The Find, two vinyl records (a compilation & a 7″ with Mr. J Medeiros, Stro Elliot, 20syl & Shad), three cassette tapes, published festival magazines for Boogiedown Breda, co-hosted a live event in Berlin, released T-shirts together with Project Mooncircle &, made a magazine for an art exhibition, and hosted 200+ guest mixes.

Discover our releases, our collaborations, or get in touch if you want to collaborate with us. We’re open to hear any exciting ideas you’ve been playing with. It takes two to tango…