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Since 2007, The Find (based in the Netherlands) has been dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop with jazz, funk, soul, and related styles. We are inspired by the culture of ‘crate digging’ and thus constantly scour the dusty corners of record shops and outskirts of the internet to find the best music and artistry for you.

Our contributors are in search of overlooked talent across the globe, while also keeping an eye on established artists and labels. Our website provides a resource for the discovery of new, diverse and progressive sounds as well as hip hop reminiscent of the golden era, functioning as a digital crate of records crammed full of fresh tunes.

We hold the aesthetics of hip hop in high regard and strive to bring a unique and unrivalled selection of the best music, artists and independent labels. With timeless content and projects such as guest mixes, a podcast series, magazines, vinyl records, downloads, videos, interviews, digital collabs, and cassette tapes, we aim to bring back the experience of finding new music and genuinely enjoying it, as well as sharing it with friends. is not a daily blog. We don’t post because we have to, we post when we want to. It sounds cliché, but quality over quantity. We don’t care about traffic and clickbait. We care about the artists, the music, and you. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Keep on searchin’

Keep on searchin’
‘Till we find that something to find


With a little touch of jazz and the styles to match
Were a class act, to good times, we’re bringin’ it back
To when it was fresh to say ‘def’
The 80s were a mess, but MCs ‘spose to make ‘em say ‘yes yes’


To all you out searchin’ for that life treasure
The evidence is more closer than ever
… and that’s The Find.”

Ohmega Watts – The Find (2005)

Photo: Digging with FS Green & Full Crate (by Milo Alting Siberg, published in our fourth issue)

  • Josh D.


  • DUDE2

    looking for the guy named kaya king on soulseek

    • thefindmag

      He’s one of our contributors. We sent him an email to notify him about your comment!

  • Amadou “Tayo” Sow

    I am Amadou “Tayo” Sow and I am submitting my music to you hoping I’m taking steps in the right direction. I truly believe I have something unique and the new stuff I’m working on is on the same path as this but a lot better flow and structure wise. I want to be the next Nas of hip-hop, a known intellectual respected for wordplay. I just have no way of being heard other then spamming youtube channels and blowing up people’s Facebooks, which I’ve done.

    This is a music video that I put blood, sweat and tears into. I fought with my editor and camerman constantly and everything monetary wise came out of my pocket but we did it.

    Please review it and let me now what you think,

    - Tayo

    IG: 7ayo_

  • Fritz

    So Flawless and Eastside Fritz are forging ahead in the music industry in a momentous way, with their debut, 11 song album, “So Flawless Presents Eastside Fritz”.

    So Flawless, an Australian producer, is the instrumental piece to their collaborative – no pun intended. Having previously worked with DJ Green Lantern, Chino XL, Danny Boy, and Charlie Clips, it’s no wonder why So Flawless has already begun to make a name for himself inside the industry. On the other side of this duo is Eastside Fritz, the American Hip-Hop artist who brings the voice, as both a rapper and singer. The first collaboration between these two was towards the end of 2013. Their persistent work ethic to their unique sound is the reason this tag team is ready to take the music industry by storm.

    Here is there single release “Unstoppable” off there new album.

    Eastside Fritz

    So Flawless
    So Flawless (SoFlawlessMusic) on Twitter

  • Brandon

    I’ve got a question: As an independent artist interested in being featured on your site, or in some way affiliated with TheFindMag, where and how can I go about submitting some of my music?

  • DSmith

    How does an independent artist go about getting featured on your site?

  • Luck & Lana Fan Page

    Hi, Im an agent for Legendary Music. I saw your Grouch & Eligh posting. You should check out Luckyiam’s newest single and Free DL “Supreme” produced by Eligh. Living Legends Baby!!

  • Totty
  • Totty
  • Totty
  • Kunle Soniregun

    i like your page. It’s special. I’ve also always wanted to go to the nederlands. anyway, nice job


    Peace Family,

    March 30th, 2016 Will Mark A New Era For The Next Generation Music In The 919 (Durham, North Carolina) and Hip-Hop Around The World. WAPHA And The Team Presents Wafa Indy Building. The Debut Album Is A Masterfully Composed, Linguistic Montage Displaying WAPHA’s Abilities As A Lyricist And Harmonic Instrument. The Entirety of The Albums Production Is Handled By DIALEK DUBAI and WAPHA and Features Include DIALEK DUBAI (UnTamed Generalz), MEDIAN (Justus League) and ANTHONY ALEXANDER (W.A.F.A. ENT.).




    MARCH 3OTH, 2016

    #GETWETX3 (Gurl Get Loose In That Water)