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We are inspired by the culture of ‘crate digging’ and thus constantly scour the dusty corners of record shops and outskirts of the internet. Our contributors are in search of overlooked and upcoming talent, while also keeping an eye on established artists and labels.

Our daily updated website provides a resource for the discovery of new, diverse and progressive sounds as well as hip hop reminiscent of the golden era, functioning as a digital crate of records crammed full of fresh tunes.

We hold the aesthetics of hip hop in high regard and strive to bring a unique and unrivalled selection of the best artists and releases. With timeless content such as downloads, videos, quirky interviews, exclusive guest mixes, street art and the latest news, we aim to bring back the experience of finding new music and genuinely enjoying it, as well as sharing it with friends. We dig deep and work hard to ensure that all our finds are fresh to you.

“Keep on searchin’
Keep on searchin’
‘Till we find that something to find


With a little touch of jazz and the styles to match
Were a class act, to good times, we’re bringin’ it back
To when it was fresh to say ‘def’
The 80s were a mess, but MCs ‘spose to make ‘em say ‘yes yes’


To all you out searchin’ for that life treasure
The evidence is more closer than ever
… and that’s The Find.”

Ohmega Watts – The Find (2005)

Photo: Milo Alting Siberg | Artists: FS Green & Full Crate | Source: The Find Magazine (Issue #4)