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Album Stream: Last Jazz Club – Under The Influence

Under The Influence is the debut of Last Jazz Club, a duo formed by emcee Veks (USA) and DJ/beatmaker Mike B (Denmark). The EP (or “mini-LP,” in their own words) dropped via the friendly folks at Diggers With Gratitude and affiliated label Fresh Pressings.  As the…
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Stream: Kiefer – Kickinit Alone LP

Keyboardist and beatmaker Kiefer Shackelford may be a new name to most, but his full-length debut which just dropped on Leaving Records is not to be missed. We found it after Swedish emcee and collaborator Ivan Ave recommended it on his Instagram…
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Stream: Smoke Trees – Into The Deep

German producer Smoke Trees is the newest addition to the insanely long list of beatmakers from Germany—as their Dutch neighbours we can only be jealous of their independent scene… He just released his debut album Into The Deep via Brussels-based Urban Waves Records. Full of chilled…
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Listen: The Jazz Jousters – Locations: USA

The Jazz Jousters are back on track to take you on a trip through jazz. Quite literal: Locations is a vinyl and cassette series exploring influences and styles of jazz in different regions of the world. After “England,” the UK-based collective…
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Listen: Knxwledge – GREENTEXTS.V1

Beatmaker Knxwledge is starting to catch up on Moka Only for the #1 spot of the most productive hip hop artist in the Northern Hemisphere… Dropping his official Stones Throw debut Hud Dreems two years ago and—more recently—working with Anderson…
The Find Stay Hungry
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Stay Hungry Vol. 2 (The Find Podcast)

And we’re back with the second edition of Stay Hungry! The Find’s latest podcast series, hosted by Jelger Staal (yup, good luck with pronouncing his name). This podcast is the little brother of Stay Thirsty, and functions as an exploration of…
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Listen: Lipp der Funkverteiler – Re-Distribution

A little bit of boom and a bit more of bap, coming from Vienna by Lipp der Funkverteiler (literally translated: Lipp The Funk Distributor). Re-Distribution is a follow-up to last year’s Distribution release (which was a collection of old and new material), and contains…