Samurai Guru
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Free Download: Samurai Guru – Under The Tree

For all you lovers of dusty loops and broken beats out there (yeah, YOU!), Samurai Guru has released this new EP: a laid-back affair perfectly suited for this time of year. Also be sure to check out his collaborations on Cult Classic…
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Watch: Mick Jenkins ft. BADBADNOTGOOD – Drowning

In various aspects we live in the age of abundance. Hundreds of millions are making music. As times advances and the human output grows, you’d think it’s hard to be original nowadays. Well, Mick Jenkins and BADBADNOTGOOD pull it off…
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Listen: Trian Kayhatu – Chil Pollins EP

Funk’s not dead! On the contrary, it seems that nowadays more and more musicians draw back to the 70’s and 80’s for their funky inspiration. Rotterdam based producer and fellow Dutchie Trian Kayhatu unleashes his funk on Chil Pollins‘ title track…
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Listen: Myka 9 – I Must Cross

This tune is four years old, but might have flew below your radar. It’s message it’s particularly relevant in the context of today’s heated debate about refugees in Europe. ‘Just try to do the best I can’….It’s music for the…
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Free Download: Pragmatic Theory – #MASSACR

Oh baby, you like it raw? ‘#MASSACR (MCs Against Soft Sucker Ass Corny Rappers) is definitely worth your attention if you like your 90’s N.Y. Underground hiphop sound reïncarnated. It’s posse cuts galore with emcees spitting dense stories about their…