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New Guest Mix by Dualib, “Jazzy Raindrops”

Right after launching the “Sideways” EP by Ghostnaut and himself earlier this week, Brazilian DJ/producer Dualib got to work straight away to create this guest mix for us. 40 minutes of nothing but jazzy and soulful hip hop, featuring the…
Buddy Peace - WOKE Version 2 Thailand
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Mix: Buddy Peace – WOKE Version 2

After posting Malik Abdul-Rahmaan’s wonderful beat tape Field Research Vol. 1—which had been created after an intensive crate digging trip in Malaysia—beatmaker Buddy Peace got in touch with us. He himself had released Golden Bangkok Guest: equal parts beat tape…
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Mix: Aeon Seven & DJ Suspect – Cosmic Thrill

We are cosmically thrilled about this mix by Aeon Seven & DJ Suspect with you. A funky, spacey selection of 45 records for 35 minutes, in the same vein as the Brainfreeze and Product Placement mixes by Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow. Dig in: Cosmic Thrill by AEON SEVEN &…
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Mix: Stay Hungry #4

It feels good to be back, we missed you! We launched our new website today (all fresh and improved), and next to that Jelger is back with the fourth edition of Stay Hungry, a mix with the purpose to discover…
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The Find Mix: Boombox Beats (Vol. 1)

Long-time The Find Familia member Wim (his alias Kaya King may sound familiar to some of you…) got really dusty for this one in his basement in Belgium. Well, probably his living room, but a “basement full of dusty records”…
The Find Stay Hungry
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Stay Hungry Vol. 2 (The Find Podcast)

And we’re back with the second edition of Stay Hungry! The Find’s latest podcast series, hosted by Jelger Staal (yup, good luck with pronouncing his name). This podcast is the little brother of Stay Thirsty, and functions as an exploration of…
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Stay Hungry Vol. 1 (The Find Podcast)

Yes yes! After bringing you the sounds of Stay Thirsty for over 4 years now (don’t worry, Kamir is still working on new editions in between taking over the world as a mad scientist, it isn’t over yet!), we decided…
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Mix: Anna Piranty – Pimp Lines & Dollar Signs

Tune in for another mix from Anna Piranty of our The Find Familia. In this selection, Anna digs into dusty crates of classic and underground hip hop, dropping gems from the likes of Finsta Bundy, Royal Flush, Nas, GZA, J-Zone,…