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Animated Record Covers by 12 Inch Motion (Interview)

With 12 Inch Motion, “digging for loops” has got a whole new meaning. Berlin-based 2D motion designer Felix Neumann founded the project two years ago, merging his love for music and short animations. He animates album art by looking for…
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Interview: Ghostnaut & Dualib (+ ‘Sideways’ EP Premiere)

When the recently redesigned Mellow Orange label shared “Raindrops” last month, the first single for a new collaborative EP by producers Ghostnaut (Montreal, Canada) and Dualib (São Paulo, Brazil), the opening of piano keys and a sultry French vocal sample was like a clear…
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Interview: Lex (de Kalhex) + ‘Satori’ Vinyl Giveaway

Producer Lex (de Kalhex) is born and bred in France, but Japan seems to be where his heart is. Working with Uyama Hiroto and Segawa Tatsuya—both close friends and collaborators of the late great Nujabes—on his new album Satori, Lex crafts progressive…
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Interview: Ivan Ave

Ivan Ave almost single-handedly put distant Norway on the hip hop map, partly thanks to some high-quality releases with Fredfades. The real breakthrough came with the Low Jams EP on German label Jakarta Records, with Stones Throw signee Mndsgn behind the boards. A sharp…
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Interview: Blu

He’s one of the most productive, one of the most eclectic, and, according to some, one of the most mysterious emcees. After our 2013 interview, The Find decided it was time to catch up with Blu a.k.a. Her Favorite Color…
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Interview: J-Live

“For underground metaphors…”, quote these three words near an educated hip hop head, and he’ll be sure to add “You can scrape an inch below the turf. For what it’s worth, My style’s been developed in the core of the Earth.” Here…
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Interview: AJ Beats

Werk Space is a new video series presented by fellow Dutch music site MOOVMNT. The idea behind the project is to put together different producers from the lowlands on a compilation, by letting them produce one track within one day…
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Interview: Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman is one of the most unique voices in hip hop today. The 34 year old Brooklynite blurs the boundaries between spoken word and hip hop with his distinctive voice and diction, rapping over a very diverse palette of…
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Interview: Nitsua

As we approach the fifth anniversary of Nujabes’ passing, we are constantly reminded of his prolific discography. The first Hydeout Productions album after Nujabes’ death was Modal Soul Classics II. You may recognize Zack Austin, a.k.a. Nitsua, from his track No One Like You off…