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Breaking Down The Breaks: Aeon Seven (Funk Feature)

Cosmic Thrill was my first introduction to the work of French turntablist and producer Aeon Seven. Showcasing his extensive knowledge on hip hop breaks, funk 45s and obscure samples, the 35-minute mix became a starting point for me to discover a whole…
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Respect The Architect: 4 Drummers Illustrated

James Brown did a great deal to put drummers in the limelight when he would scream “Give The Drummer Some!” live on stage. Decades later,  the likes of Biz Markie and Guru told listeners to Respect The Architect. Inspired by these…
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Stro Elliot has joined The Roots

After producing for Phonte and Eric Roberson, performing with the Wu-Tang Clan, and having his own Beats 1/Soulection radio show, producer/emcee/multi-instrumentalist Stro Elliot continues this year’s winning streak: he has joined The Roots as their latest member. After spotting him as…
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Listen: 5 songs about hip hop beats

As much as we’d all like to pretend that creativity burns at the core of our souls, we all need some inspiration from time to time. Getting out to the local record store to dig, or even to your favourite…
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Top 15: Dope Beatmakers You Should Know

With each passing year the production side of hip hop music becomes increasingly accessible through both digital and analog software and devices. The result is a massive glut of beatmakers and beattape floating around the web through the likes of…
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Top 10: Dope Emcees You Should Know

This year has been an amazing year for hip hop. The power of the internet and the availability of music making technology has created a huge output of music from all over the world, from bedroom producers and closet-recording emcees…
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List Of 10: Our Favourite Music from the GTA 5 Soundtrack

From radio stations curated by the likes of Flying Lotus and Gilles Peterson, to essential West Coast hip hop classics and contemporary beat music, to an original score composed by hip hop stalwarts Oh No and The Alchemist, mixed and arranged by DJ Shadow. GTA V is a true goldmine for (new) music.