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Watch: Mick Jenkins ft. BADBADNOTGOOD – Drowning

In various aspects we live in the age of abundance. Hundreds of millions are making music. As times advances and the human output grows, you’d think it’s hard to be original nowadays. Well, Mick Jenkins and BADBADNOTGOOD pull it off…
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Watch: FloFilz – Taxi Bossa

Ever since featuring FloFilz in our Dope Beatmakers You Should Know list back in 2013, we’re hooked on his music. From reworking classic material like The Look Of Love and 1nce Again with a jazzy flavour, to his full-length Metronom release. Now the German…
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Listen: Myka 9 – I Must Cross

This tune is four years old, but might have flew below your radar. It’s message it’s particularly relevant in the context of today’s heated debate about refugees in Europe. ‘Just try to do the best I can’….It’s music for the…
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Watch: Deca – Breadcrumbs & Gabriel Rachet

While this video has been out for awhile, Deca’s work has clearly been slept on, so wake up for his incredible animated videos for his songs Breadcrumbs and Gabriel Rachet from his album The Ocean. This mellowed out song chills…
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Watch: INDIGOD ft. Mista Ayachi – Widdit

INDIGOD is a recently formed rap duo from Switzerland with a propensity for boom bap stylings. Check out their new music video for a taste of the upbeat feel good vibes that remind us of our beloved Dutch friends Da…