Free Download: Jenova 7 – Dusted Jazz: Volume One (2011)

Free Download: Jenova 7 – Dusted Jazz: Volume One (2011)

‘Dusted Jazz: Volume One’ is a downtempo jazz EP by Los Angeles based trip-hop artist Jenova 7. The EP features a dark, raw and cinematic style that crests and troughs along its short path, ranging from nightmare-ish to dreamlike in sound, while staying true to jazz form.

This EP was completed in one month, and is an intermission between Jenova 7′s debut album ‘Soul For Sale and the upcoming album ‘The Sounds Of Sector 7. Listen to the early single of the upcoming album here, or scroll down to download the dusty jazz sounds for free below.

Jenova 7 is nom de plume of Michael J. Sirois, Boston born trip-hop musician and independent filmmaker currently living in Los Angeles. His genres include trip-hop, downtempo, jazz and hip hop, with tags on this EP refering to DJ Shadow, Wax Tailor, Nightmares On Wax and Bonobo.

1. Dark Water Jazz
2. Dusted Wax
3. Metamorphosis
4. A Touch Of Evil
5. Life Is Just A Ride

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