Free Download: Jeremiah Jae – Eating Donuts And Other Refined Foods

Free Download: Jeremiah Jae – Eating Donuts And Other Refined Foods

That’s weird, we were planning to post ‘Lunch Special II’ by upcoming producer Jeremiah Jae, but all of a sudden the Bandcamp page was deleted.. But to provide you with good music by the Brainfeeder signee anyway, here’s a mix he did last year.

Music: Jeremiah Jae – Quester

Jeremiah did this ‘Eating Donuts and Other Refined Foods’ mix to show his appreciation for Dilla. Maybe not the most original approach for a mix, but Dilla’s beats never get old, right? This mix consists of seventeen tracks with productions by J Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus and JJ himself. Add some vocals to that and then you get, in Jeremiah’s words, “17 tracks that will make you phat.”

If you’re looking for experimental/electronic beats rather than this hip hop oriented mix, then download Jeremiah’s DXNCE EP‘. And don’t forget to order a copy of our printed music magazine, because there’s a Brainfeeder Special in there including an interview with Jeremiah Jae!

01. Stop Bitin! (Prod J Dilla)
02. People As I Am (Prod. J Dilla)
03. Rolls (Prod. Madlib)
04. Mash Potatoes Spinach (Prod. J Dilla)
05. Greek Down (Prod. J Dilla)
06. FreeBase (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
07. Quester (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
08. Smoke Circle (Prod. Madlib)
09. Jackson Park (Prod. Flying Lotus)
10. Green Escapes (Prod. J Dilla)
11. Fly By Night (Prod. Madlib)
12. GobStopper (Prod. J Dilla)
13. Don’t Fry (Prod. J Dilla)
14. Food Hu$tle (Prod. Madlib)
15. Truth Sayers (Prod. Projeck)
16. Different Flavors (Prod. J Dilla)
17. Bonus Track

Free Download