Swiss beatmaker Melodiesinfonie is back with a new solo EP titled Wohlklänge (freely translated: Euphonies). Just like his partner-in-crime Jazzo he stays true to warm future-soul vibrations with mesmerizing instrumentals. This EP is no exception.

Melodiesinfonie: “All the tracks on here are very smooth, chill, and relaxing for the ear. I just want to spread love and positive vibes with these 4 tracks, nothing more. That’s my message always, spread love and positivity every day.” Download Wohlklänge for free below or donate a little something-something to support the great people at Soulection.

1. ithinkfrvr 04:11
2. Positive Vibes 02:45
3. Spaziergänge in der Natur 04:06
4. Wohlklangg 02:46