The Find is very excited to present this exclusive mix of tunes by UK-based producer Vanilla. He has released some of my favourite music in recent times. His beat tape ‘High Life‘ still gets lots of plays for me, as do the various other free releases and tracks on compilations. The dude definitely makes some damn tasty beats that are heavily inspired by Dilla, Madlib, and the like. 

The mix includes an unreleased spacey beat by Vanilla along with many other excellent boom bap sounds and also splashes of futurebeats.

1. Lukid – Veto
2. Suzi Analogue – We Cannot Hide
3. Madlib – A.V.E.R.A.G.E (Instrumental)
4. Dr Who Dat? – Follow
5. Elaquent – On The Rise (Feat. Es, O-Phrap & E-yo)
6. Vanilla – Ken
7. Druxy – Lamplighter
8. Dexter – Swing Is A Must
9. 1st Angle – Yo
10. Dorian Concept – Fort Teen
11. Mndsgn – PorcelainPeople
12. Kan Sano – Elements Of Notice
13. Afta-1 – Gaze
14. @Peace – Home
15. Blank & Kytt – Sailing
16. Nujabes, Fat Jon & MINMI – Aruarian Dance

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