In May 2012, L.A. record label Delicious Vinyl began inviting artists to their Hollywood HQ on Sunset Boulevard to spin beats, talk music, and stream to the online world. With the aim to showcase and support new music, Delicious Vinyl TV was born.

To mark a flourishing first year and continue to celebrate the artists that DVTV has had the pleasure of spotlighting, Delicious Vinyl have curated Delicious Vinyl TV Compilation Vol 1. The twelve track compilation features a mix of unreleased tracls and special rarities from a selection of the guests that have graced the DVTV airwaves.

This first volume features contributions by Quelle Chris, Jay Curry, Mndsgn, Sango, Jansport J, Free The Robots, Fresh Daily, Muneshine, amongst others. Boasting a variety of different styles and tempos, the tracks all share a distinctly intriguing and current tone. A vortex of wavering bass-lines and haunting synths, peppered with fresh rap flows and tight lyrics.