After receiving a great deal of positive feedback from the Shaolin Jazz project, DJ 2-Tone Jones and Gerald Watson decided to release a series of T-shirts. Wu-Tang Clan and jazz music united in a line of t-shirts.

Music: Shaolin Jazz – Cream Team’s Return

The graphics chosen are comprised of the top six designs (including the winner) of the previous ‘Shaolin Jazz’ design contest. Click here to see the full line of shirt designs. Interviews with all designers can be found here.


 To celebrate the launch of our new site, in collaboration with Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones we giveaway one free Shaolin Jazz t-shirt. You can even pick the design and size of your wishes! All you have to do is this simple task:

Name two real names of two original members of the Wu-Tang Clan

E-mail your answer to art_vs_commerce [@] yahoo dot com or info [@] thefindmag dot com and soon we’ll select a lucky winner!

Update: And the winner is…