Free Download: AugustFanon – BlackKidsProductions Movie Scenes Vol. 1 (2012)

This new instrumental album by producer AugustFanon is based on a wide variety of vocal samples. Add soulful sounds and heavy drums on top of that, and you have the first refreshing installment of BlackKidsProductions Movie Scenes.

From a snippet on the song ‘Stylin’ On You’ taken from a known rap battle-gone-wrong, to a vocal sample from the movie Killer Of Sheep on the opening track ‘Brother2Brother’, to vocals from Todd Solondz’ cult classic Happiness on ‘IllChicken’, to Barry White on the last song ‘Lovin’You’. The vocal cuts make this a very dynamic listen.

1. Brother2Brother 02:37
2. illChicken 01:21
3. JokEE 03:59
4. BreakOUt 03:11
5. stylin’ on you 01:09
6. faMous 02:37
7. Preach (susie_screw) 01:45
8. theCity 01:50
9. byebye 02:32
10. lovin’You 03:18

Free Download


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