Free Download: B. DURAZZO – Beats Vol. 2

B. DURAZZO is a producer from Oakland who apparently lives out of a van. One thing is for sure, he’s got crazy nice skills on the MPC and he kills it on 2 MPCs live. Beats Vol. 2 is his third beattape available through Bandcamp, and we highly suggest you download now before he runs out of monthly download credits.

The release is full of dirty and hard-hitting percussion laced with tasty samples. The drum beats will enter your ears and flow right down into your neck and spine where they will exit your body through the small generation of heat from nodding your head with every kick and snare. Straight hip hop to the bone marrow.

1. Wise Realize 03:56
2. Bat Food 02:36
3. Deaf Proof 02:44
4. Intermission 02:37
5. Catacombs 02:21
6. Elevated 03:29
7. Fat Lip 03:03
8. So It Goes 03:31
9. Northern Lights 04:21
10. Two Thirty One 04:25



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