Free Download: Boho Fau – Bap Boom: Assimilation (2011)

The helium-voiced rapping on ‘All In My Head’ is very similar to Quasimoto, while other tracks such as ‘Ever Wonder’ are so soulful that they’re reminiscent to Foreign Exchange. With that said, ‘Bap Boom: Assimilation’ by Boho Fau is a soulful collection of tracks that reflect his love for hip hop and soul.

This is what Boho Fau has to say about this release: “‘Bap Boom’ is hip hop as I live and breathe it. A snapshot of my soul in a mixed tape format. This album is a manifestation of my inner dialogue in the midst of change, adaptation and realization.”

1. Bap Boom
2. Feelin This
3. All In My Head
4. Boho Flow
5. Coastin
6. Ever Wonder?(w/ Randy Watson Experience)
7. This One
8. Debonair
9. Trip Out(w/ Stereolab)
10. Try’na See

Free Download


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