Free Download: MisterE – Dusting For Prints

Normally we only post brand new and recent releases, but we’re enjoying this one so much that we make it into the exception that proves the rule. We’re not talking about MisterE as in the fictional character in the Vertigo Comics universe, but about a poetic Canadian emcee.

Dusting For Prints is MisterE‘s second album full of jazz, hip hop and soul samples, scratches and fresh rhymes most of you are hungry for. Tracks vary from heavy-hitting boom bap on Connect The Dots and Get Away to a more subtle soulful touch on tracks such as Livin’ It and It Used To Be. This is great feel good music. Like MisterE says it himself on this album, “I got 99 problems and I don’t care about none”.

01.My Turn
02.Sound of My Horn
03.Im About
04.Connect The Dots
05.Livin It w/ Mantis & Justis of The Get By
06.What I Feel Like
07.Get Away
08.Move Along
10.Rock Majorly w/ More Or Les
11.Far Away
12.It Used to Be
13.Scribble Script
15.Whats On?
16.Matter of Time w/ Fraction
17.Saturday Night

Free Download



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