Free Download: Shag – Keys (2011)

As you’re listening to this, Shag wants you to think of each individual song as a key. This key should unlock a mental, intangible door somewhere in your head. Let the music in through the door and use each individual piece to analyze yourself in some way. He wants each listener to have a different experience.

The experience is ultimately up to you. Shag: “If nothing happens, just nod your head and put this on while you read, do homework, or masturbate or something.”

But before you listen to these nice instrumentals, we wanna point out the fact that The Find affiliate Miss Soulshine did the beautiful cover art of this album! Also definitely check out her The Gaslamp Killer portrait, the cover of our collaboration with Trebles & Blues and the cover of IV The Polymath’s ‘Summer Instro Mixhe did for us.

1. Intro 01:06
2. Listen 03:49
3. Dream State 03:04
4. Etheral 02:14
5. Energy 02:13
6. Keep Your Head Up 02:49
7. His Name Is Shag 00:49
8. Astral 02:54
9. Rhythm Section 02:41
10. High Hopes 04:13
11. Breeze 03:50
12. Overture 02:43
13. Grind (Intermission) 00:41
14. Coast 03:26
15. Persistence 05:26
16. Neck-Snapper 03:30
17. Shalala 03:02
18. Bright 02:13
19. Bob James (Interlude) 01:17
20. Wave 03:28
21. Outro (Leon Thomas) 01:40

Free Download / Bandcamp


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