Free Download: Subp Yao – 1000 (2011)

The latest release on Saturate Records comes from Dutch producer Subp Yao. Yet another quality release coming from this record label after great albums like, Dry/Wet by Luisterwaar, Robot Whispers by Dj Pound and posted a few weeks back, Happy Tragedy by fellow Dutchman Raadsel. For almost a year now quality music keeps rolling out of the Saturate camp making it definitley a record label to keep an eye on.


1000” is an abstract beat LP taking influences from a lot of different styles and then transformed by Subp Yao into a new genre. You will recognize the experimental future garage, glitch-hop and juke influences, much like his fellow Dutch friend, Raadsel. This music would do well live, but is also really nice on a good headset. Deep basses and sweet melodies interact naturally with one another, stitching the whole record together like the soundtrack to a dream. An absolute high of the album is the track “Birds” with its hazy pitched down vocal sample atop glitchy drums and ethereal spaced out synths.

This release also features with some of the best artwork I’ve seen in a while. Just like every other release by Saturate Records, a professional designer created a piece of art to rock as cover. If you look closely you can read “1000” on the cover. It took me a few seconds to see it though. Great concept.

Overall this is another great release coming from (The Netherlands) Saturate crew, and I’m expecting to hear so much more from this record label.


1. Shut up 02:42
2. Era 03:40
3. Empty 03:27
4. OG 03:13
5. 3 Am 04:55
6. Crackbook 03:31
7. Birds 04:03
8. Pull Up 03:03
9. Never Want 04:06

Free Download


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