Free Download: Youtaro X Wodoo Wolcan – Chillin U EP

From Japan to Switzerland, beatmakers Youtaro and Wodoo Wolcan are here to chill your mind with jazzified beat dreamscapes. The two go back and forth for 10 beats on their new EP featuring instrumentals that sound like they were made in an underwater bomb shelter. Both artists killed it for their respective continents, showing that dusty beats will always stay thriving on a global scale.

1. Wodoo Wolcan – Inner Peace 01:33
2. Youtaro – Reminiscences 01:27
3. Wodoo Wolcan – Hi Fly 02:45
4. Youtaro – Count Down 01:49
5. Wodoo Wolcan – Water Vein 03:28
6. Youtaro – In The Dark 01:19
7. Wodoo Wolcan – Burn It Up 03:02
8. Youtaro – ahmadloop 02:11
9. Wodoo Wolcan – Comme Ca 01:32
10. Youtaro – It’s Funny 01:24



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