Free MP3: Damu The Fudgemunk & Buff1 – 7″ Snippets

We don’t want to start to look like a Damu fan site, but this dude always comes correct. And besides that we have a very special collaboration coming up with Redefinition Records, so that’s why he seems like a resident on our site. But it’s good music, so no need to apologize, right?

Music: Damu The Fudgemunk & Buff1 – When The Winter Comes (2011 Mix) / Truly Get Yours

Damu The Fudgemunk & Buff1’s ‘When The Winter Comes’ was first made available as a free download in 2009. However, thanks to a hard drive mishap, Buff1’s vocals were erased and Damu never had a chance to do a proper mix. 

Now, two years later, there’s gonna be a 7″ vinyl release on Diggers With Gratitude with a properly mixed version of the song and a new collab between Damu and Buff1 on the B-side. DWG might ring a bell if you’re a frequent visitor of The Find, because we collaborated with them on a few The Sound Providers features.

Pre-order links will be posted on Wonka Beats and DWG soon. Download snippets and the 2009 version of ‘When The Winter Comes’ below.

When The Winter Comes ft. Buff1 (2009 Version) / Snippets


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