Free MP3s: Bias & River Nelson – While We’re Young (1/2)

Long after our Pick Of The Week with UK producer Bias last year, we are glad that he reached out to us again to collaborate. His own label Canteen Records recently released two EPs called ‘While We’re Young’ and ‘Once We’re Old’, respectively by Bias himself and Brooklyn raised emcee River Nelson.  You can buy the first EP here, but Bias allowed us to treat you with a free download!

For one full week you can download the song ‘Strange Things’ of the first EP for free exclusively on In seven days from now we’ll remove the download link and then we publish a free track of the second EP ‘Once We’re Old’ for another week. But first up, the touching ‘Strange Things’:

Bias and River Nelson bring together their respective talents to create the boundary-pushing 5-track EP ‘While We’re Young’. Highlights include the hooky, defiant ‘Wherever We Go’, the perspective-inducing ‘Different At Night’ and, of course, the prowling title track, whose pitch-perfect blend of both US and UK hip hop utilises synths, samples, head nodding beats, and evocative lyrics: “I stare into the glare while I’m still in my youth.” Oh, and don’t miss the ace animation for ‘Strange Things’.

Free Download

This weekly download is expired. Head over to this post for the second and last free download!

01. Different At Night
02. While We’re Young
03. Strange Things
04. The Lonely
05. Wherever We Go

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