Free MP3s: Shuko – Best Friends (ft. TY & Akua Naru) b/w Grind (ft. Fresh Daily & Rufus Dipper)

One year ago today, Amy Winehouse passed away. Back then we immediately paid homage with a free smooth remix of Stronger Than Me by DJ Devastate. This time German producer Shuko drops a selection of songs inspired by the late great Amy Winehouse.

Emcees TY and Fresh Daily, pianist Rufus Dipper, and female vocalist Akua Naru joined Shuko in the studio for complementary contributions. Personally I can’t say I was a huge fan of Amy Winehouse, but her talent and beautiful voice have always been evident. It’s such a shame to see talented musicians go through a downhill spiral in their personal lifes.

Whether you like Amy Winehouse’s music or not, Shuko’s “In Remembrance Of Amy” EP is really worth the download. Don’t fool yourself by thinking that it’s just one of the many average Amy tributes these days, because this is some really refreshing hip hop. The download link below includes both tracks as well as the instrumentals.

Free Download


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