Milo (aka Scallops Hotel) – over the carnage rose a voice prophetic

If you’re not really into taking acid while listening to hip hop (well, let’s assume so) for a journey into the surreal realm, here’s an alternative on the safer side of things: listen to Milo, whose mixtape “over the carnage rose a voice prophetic” is quite the trip. 

It’s a beautifully odd mixtape by the emcee/producer, as part of his own “tape label and maker’s guild” Ruby Yacht.

I’m not even going to take a shot to break down his off-kilter music. Hell, even reading the track titles leaves me feeling confused. All I’ll say is that it’s oddly good, and that I’ve been intrigued since hearing his 2015 album “so the flies don’t come“.

Good luck explaining to your friends why exactly they need to listen to this mixtape. Or just tell them there’s a DOOM flip on it. Because there is.


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