Mix: Stay Thirsty Episode 33

Last weeks episode of Stay Thirsty is now live! Similar to episode 32, this show jumps around all over the place through many genres, from hip hop to pop to futurebeats and a healthy scattering of older jazzy tracks by the likes of Dorothy Ashby and Galt Macdermot. One of my favourite artists of all time, Jorge Ben, even makes an appearance sandwiched between DVA and Oddlogic of all people! 

Thanks to everyone for tuning in to our weekly show live on Blue Raccoon FM and to all of you who check it out on Mixcloud. We will continue to provide you with  a wide range of podcasts highlighting music from a range of awesome genres. Also there was a false start with Stay Thirsty episodes including talking, problems with the microphone, but you can count on hearing shows with consistent additional commentaries again within a few months. Stay tuned for lots more!


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