Pick Of The Week #31: Elevated Ruffians

The previous installments of our Pick Of The Week‘s were pretty mellow compared to this. It’s a track by Elevated Ruffians (Elevated Soul + Magnificent Ruffians) featuring Stones Throw’s OH NO.

Elevated Ruffians is a fellowship between Elevated Soul, the three-man production team from Los Angeles, and Magnificent Ruffians, a ‘two emcee and one DJ’ crew from Southern California. The crew met four years ago in a recording studio on a lazy afternoon and immediately hit it off largely due to their passion for grimy, offbeat, dirty, hiss laden souljazz and artistic-futuristic boom-bap genre of hip hop.

After vibing for about two years, Elevated Ruffians releasedThe Magnificent Soul LP. The 41-track double CD is produced entirely by Elevated Soul and features guest appearances by Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Boho Fau, Stone Throw Records’ Oh No (on our Pick Of The Week), Disco of the legendary Globetroddas crew  and a slew of Inland Empire’s finest emcees; Noah James (Building Blocks), ENO.D (Tha Othas), Cornbread (Kaliwild) and Brother Dvoooa.


As an extra we giveaway two copies of Elevated Ruffians’ ‘The Magnificent Soul’ double CD. Check out the contest HERE if you want to win one of the physical copies, good luck!


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