The Find Mix: Boombox Beats (Vol. 1)

Long-time The Find Familia member Wim (his alias Kaya King may sound familiar to some of you…) got really dusty for this one in his basement in Belgium. Well, probably his living room, but a “basement full of dusty records” sounds much cooler.

Boombox is an old school hip hop mix, but far beyond the obvious picks. No O.C., but I.C.. No Artifacts, but Scott Lark Da Sensei. No Kamaal The Abstract, but Blackstract. Almost an hour full of hidden gems from the mid to late 90s, with productions by Jay Dee, Fat Jack, Tony D and Gee The Nutty Professor.

And one track from the year 2000, but hey, we gladly make an exception for The God MC…

(Photo courtesy of Jamel Shabazz)


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