Top 30: Songs To Make Love To

Top 30: Songs To Make Love To

Essentially the entire purpose of life is to procreate. In addition to being necessary for species proliferation, our form of sexual reproduction is also quite pleasurable. As such, many musicians have made music that is either directly related to the act of sexual intercourse, or can serve to enhance the experience through sensual auditory stimuli. 

The following is a list of some of the best music to make love to, as compiled by our crew. You will find primarily soul, hip hop, and futurebeats on this list of sex-related songs. Each track will provide an excellent back drop to grab your significant other (or random attractive human) to bed for a good procreation session.


  • Poondle

    Love this list! Most “sexy lists” I’ve seen have the same overplayed songs. Its nice to see some thought behind it. Keep them coming!!

  • Trickykid

    You obviously make no difference between sexy and X-rated

    • K

      Read the short comments/descriptions of each track and you will see that indeed we did mention some of the songs are highly explicit. Sexy times can get dirty…

  • Klimar

    why not Chocolate salty balls of issac hayes instead of body language ? :)

    • K

      lol it was actually so hard to choose one Isaac Hayes song. Chocolate Salty Balls is hilarious, but we wanted the serious Isaac on this list, dig some Blowfly instead of Chocolate S Bs.

  • Lee

    triphop ftw

    • Vannah

      Trip hop = sex!

  • Sandra

    I really like the play list. Unique, sensual and exactly what is needed for the mood

  • daddy d

    are you kidding me? a few songs are ok but if I put this list on we would either be laughing (I can’t hear “Lets Get It On” and be serious) or my wife would be so insulted by the language (and I would not blame her) it would kill the mood. No thanks.

  • infrahuman

    You have got to be joking. This ‘music’ is good o take a dump to not to make love or sex. Totally asexual.

  • Guest

    Ride D!ck So Good by Plies

  • balls deep


  • Jasmine

    Great list! Would add this song:
    Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing (Original music & Video):

  • André

    if i have sex i should play the song Love lockdown from Kayne West, what do you think should you play that song to ?

  • Andrea

    Fka Twigs – Two Weeks
    Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
    Movement – Ivory

  • Keith Beard

    I’m surprised that Do Me Baby by Meli’sa Morgan didn’t make the list. Or Say Yes by Floetry

  • Pill Clinton