Every 24 hours or so, we go through the sometimes arduous task of waking up from the world of sleep. The majority of the time we wake up, we are required to quickly get ourselves prepared to interact as a functional part of society. Music can be a wonderful tool to help bring out the best of your mood and motivation after waking up.

We compiled a list of 20 wake up songs that can help you get your day started whether you are waking up and heading to work or school, just relaxing, or anything else you may be planning. Our list features a lot of rap, beats, and jazzy jams that we think will aid your waking up process. Set some of these songs as your alarm clock, bump them while eating breakfast, showering, or getting dressed, and get ready for your waking life!

Our selection is also available as playlist on Spotify and as video mixtape on DragOnTape. Both are collaborative playlists so you can share your personal favorite wake up songs and morning tunes with everyone.

20. Cal Tjader – Morning

Our list starts off with a Cal Tjader tune we talked about in our first Grooves & Samples feature. The laid back latin jazz vibes spearheaded by Cal’s marimba will definitely get your day headed in the right direction.

19. 40 Winks – The Day Breaks

Next up comes a track by 40 Winks and one of our favourite labels, Project: Mooncircle. The beat goes perfectly with daybreak and is a really excellent alarm clock tune. This one will help get your eyes open and good thoughts flowing.

18. Bonobo – Days to Come

The title track from Bonobo’s 2006 album, Days to Come, is a brooding yet uplifting number that would accompany a good cup of coffee and breakfast. Vocals from Bajka melt within the rolling rhythms and melodies of the beat, massaging your mind and preparing you for a new day and the days to come.

17. Yusef Lateef – Morning

Jazz is quite possibly some of the best morning music, and who better to be next up on our list than Yusef Lateef. The aptly titled “Morning” is a soothing and exotic live track recorded in 1957. Check this one out for a thoughtful and introspective start to the day.

16. The INS x Miles Bonny – Breakfast feat. Fleur Earth

The Ins, Miles Bonny, and Fleur Earth joined forces on a Melting Pot Music release and the sweetly sensual song “Breakfast”. This is the type of song that will make you want to have breakfast in bed and stay around the bed most of the day with a special friend, if you know what I mean.