So after many years of being under the study of beat making, John Robinson has finally decided to let the rest of the world hear what he creates outside of writing lyrics and working with various other producers around the world.

“My beats are very personal to me, they are like therapy for whenever I am not writing. It is another outlet to express myself creatively,” says J.R. when asked why he hasn’t put his beats out there sooner. Get the collection ‘Brilliant Soundscapes Vol. 1′ below for only seven dollar.

1. Musical Whoa (Intro) 01:46
2. A light bulb moment 02:16
3. 2 Billion 03:03
4. Lovin u 02:26
5. Rob Mack I 02:24
6. The cover up 03:32
7. Visions of 02:48
8. Rob Mack III 02:49
9. She’s so Brilliant (outro) 01:21