News: Long Arm shares his reflection of a world

News: Long Arm shares his reflection of a world

If we talk about productions, then Project Mooncircle is one of our favourite labels. With artists such as Pavel Dovgal, 40 Winks, Dday One, fLako, Strand, Robot Koch and many more the Germany based label is always on point. On February 11th you can add another name to the list: Long Arm.

Music: Long Arm – The Branches (Previews) 

On that date the Russian producer releases his debut album The Branches. His lifelong passion for jazz-influenced music is something you can definitely hear on the release. Check out snippets above, or watch the first official video below. 

‘The Branches’  is a reflection of a world, where human feelings and natural powers are bound together. Everything is correlated in this world. There is no alive-dead distinction. The season change depends just on state of mind. Every move, every wind breath, every sound brings an information, opened for everyone who believes and ready to accept it, who hears and knows how to listen.