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Scratch & Sniff with Jazz Spastiks

This is fun: UK based jazz hop duo Jazz Spastiks have started a crowdfunding project for Scratch & Sniff, an album (12″ vinyl/CD/digital) and book combining music with actual scents. That’s a first. Well, except for Lil Yachty, who’s working hard on his concept of…
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Sampling 101 by GUTS: ATCQ’s Find A Way vs. Technova

The latest edition of what we’ve been missing: Find A Way Vs. Technova by Parisian DJ/producer/legend-in-the-making GUTS. On the track he provides the listener with some sample schooling by combining “Find A Way” of A Tribe Called Quest with the original sample used by Dilla back…
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Refined trip hop on “Out Of Time” by Hugo Kant

When it comes to producing trip hop, repetitiveness can be a pitfall. But not for French musician/producer Hugo Kant; he steps over that pitfall with a giant leap. Since 2011 he keeps amazing us with the way he crafts his productions. With the use of Indian…
DJ Format Abdominal Still Hungry
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DJ Format & Abdominal are still hungry

DJ Format and Abdominal go together like Mac & Cheese. Three collaborations on Music For The Mature B-Boy made that evident back in 2003, and ain’t a damn thing changed. As per usual, on their newest LP Still Hungry the duo takes it…
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Listen to the ‘Fly Emperor’ EP by Eloh Kush & BudaMunk

From New Jersey to Tokyo, emcee Eloh Kush and beatmaker BudaMunk present Fly Emperor. The EP sees Eloh Kush flowing as easy and smooth as a self-driving car, over BudaMunk’s signature thumping and hazy productions.  In related news: based on an Instagram post by Paxico…
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DJ Optimus – Jaaneman EP

DJ Optimus of the Dutch Fremdtunes collective released a personal piece of work today: Jaaneman, a 6-track EP dedicated to his father. At the same time it’s “an ode to the consolation of music,” released six years after the passing of his…