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Once Upon a Time #1: How Tim Dog Outhustled Himself

From Slick Rick’s not-so-child-friendly “Children’s Story,” all the way up to Kendrick Lamar’s vivid Compton narratives: storytelling has always played a huge part in hip hop. And let’s not forget about the countless fascinating, fun or remarkable life stories of…
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Respect The Architect: 4 Drummers Illustrated

James Brown did a great deal to put drummers in the limelight when he would scream “Give The Drummer Some!” live on stage. Decades later,  the likes of Biz Markie and Guru told listeners to Respect The Architect. Inspired by these…
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Free Download: Biga – B Sides

Searching the worldwide web for instrumental hip hop often ends up in a disaster for me. The term “instrumental” is taken literally more than I would like; releases with the vocal channels shut down, and that’s it. That’s not my cup…
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Article: Who Can Save Hip Hop?

This is a question that has been eating away at me for a while now. Yet the question is not as straight forward as it might suggest. There was a time when Hip Hops standard bearers were also at its forefront. When the most skillful and charismatic MCs in the game were the major players. When any new artists wanting to join those at the top had to be something special.
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Article: The Renaissance

I am not talking about the new Q-Tip album (which is great by the way), I am talking about the era Hip Hop’s in right now. Hip Hop is dead? Hip Hop sucks? The future looks bad for Hip Hop? There’s no hope for Hip Hop anymore? No: we are now experiencing the rebirth of a damn great genre.