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Lone Catalysts – Different Cities (Free Download)

Remember the days of roaming around the blogosphere? The days of endlessly downloading music via services like Rapidshare (R.I.P.) or What.CD (R.I.P.)? The days of sharing hip hop on message boards or in a tiny chat box on a Blogspot-blog? Well,…
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Free MP3: Kaydee & J. Sands – That’s Why (L-Jazze Remix)

After hearing ‘… Are The Groove’ by Kaydee and Chief for the first time, we immediately liked it a lot. But ever since we unfortunately kind of lost track of both these guys. We stumbled upon Chief a few more times, but honestly we lost track of Kaydee (a.k.a. Maryland Kyle). So it was nice to see that Kaydee follows us on Twitter now. That’s how we found out about this L-Jazze remix of ‘That’s Why’ off the aforementioned album. The track features J. Sands of Lone Catalysts.