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Download “Sadevillain 2”, MF DOOM x Sade by Seanh

After a well-received first release, UK-based producer Seanh is back with a second album mashing up masked villain DOOM with songstress Sade, “the type that you might want to wine and dine.”  It’s a seemingly odd combination (the Kiss Of Life sample…
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Nas & Quasimoto are ‘Nasimoto’, by D. Begun

Mashup albums are usually more misses rather than hits. But every now and then we find an exception–with the work of Amerigo Gazaway for Gummy Soul being a prime example. Nasimoto by David Begun is another one, blending instrumentals from The Unseen with…
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News: Madlib to revive Quasimoto alter ego for new album

It seems like producer Madlib is gearing up to release a new album by his enigmatic helium-voiced rap alias Quasimoto. He subtly announced it on Twitter and Facebook by posting “Now playing — Quasimoto ‘Yessir Whatever’ LP test press.” FACT Magazine refers to several…
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Free Download: DJ Zilla – 12″ Record Mix (2011)

It’s always nice to get in touch with other music lovers from all over the world. Last week Nikola, also known as DJ Zilla, from Bulgaria reached out to us to share and discuss some good music. He shared this mix with us and it’d be a shame to keep it only for ourselves, because it’s very nice. So check it out!