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Free Download: Serf – No Drums: The Beat Tape

Don’t worry, No Drums isn’t a collection of snooze-inducing ambient productions without any drums at all. In fact, Fresno-based emcee and beatmaker Serf takes an interesting approach with this first in a series of beat tapes: doing beats with just samples, without adding…
Beatnick Dee - Inspiration For Hire Vol. 2 Mix
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Guest Mix: Beatnick Dee (+ Interview)

Born in the Bay Area, raised in the UK and currently living in Los Angeles, producer Beatnick Dee has seen many places and faces to get where he is now. After being an intern for Tres Records—former home to artists…
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Video: Arthur Verocai – Seriado (Live)

While the primary focus of this site is hip hop, we are of course heavily influenced by funk, soul, and jazz. Hip hop owes so much to the styles of the 60’s and 70’s that have been sampled to create some of our favourite modern rap songs.