Video: Sina. – Remembrance (Unofficial Video)

Video: Sina. – Remembrance (Unofficial Video)

I was absolutely impressed when I heard Sina.’s EP ‘From Love To Dust’ for the first time a while ago. With its emotion and deep production, ‘Remembrance’ was immediately my favourite track off the upcoming 6-track EP.

‘From Love To Dust’, set to drop in November, bleeds creativity, with influences from all aspects of music being incorporated in the works of Sina.. The UK-based producer lets you submerge, full body, into impeccably produced, brittle clean sound with amazing groove control, touching and emotional.

Sina.: “I suppose ‘From Love To Dust’ (a play on the funeral phrase ‘From Dust To Dust’) is about the idea of human love as eternal, or at least as continuing to have a life when we are gone -through family, friends, art and music. ‘Remembrance’ is a wistful song about the rare personal moments when we realise the beauty of the world and our life in it, and of the importance of remembering those moments when things seem darkest.”

1. From Love To Dust
2. Remembrance
3. Just Shoot
4. From Love To Dust (Kelpe Remix)
5. From Love To Dust (Soosh Remix)
6. From Love To Dust (Gards From KC Remix)

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