The Find at Dour #2: The Videos

After our introduction to the Belgian Dour Festival, we’re back with the second chapter in this series. This time we treat you with some fine visuals to get you hyped for the festival.

Of course it’s all about the music, so the majority is music videos, but it’s always nice to see the artists in action live on stage, to check a music video or to see them get backed by stunning visuals. In the mean time you can order your Dour tickets here or recommend us things here. See you there?

Chill track with a very nice music video.

One of the most energetic dj’s out there… Crazy how he goes nuts every time.

Too bad C2C isn’t coming, but Beat Torrent will do the trick for us as well.

Although Nu-Mark (or DJ Shadow) aren’t joining Cut Chemist on stage at Dour, a live set by the former Jurassic 5 dj is a guaranteed party!

This is from last year but Kentaro’s set was so good, so why not share it again.

Classic! Pretty common pick, but we doubt anyone will hate on this song.

This is our personal favourite ‘find’ thanks to Dour! Misteur Valaire from Canada.

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