The Find Lists: Best of 2012

If we had to describe the year 2012 with one music-related word, we’d say “indie”. There was an interesting momentum for independent artists and labels; the continued rise of music platforms such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Mixcloud, new opportunities thanks to evergrowing crowdfunding models like Kickstarter, and the sheer volume of newly founded collectives, labels and projects, let alone the quantity and quality of independent (free!) releases.

It was the year of Trap music and 808-drums, hate it or love it. The year of young talented emcees like Julian Malone (the latest signee to Stones Throw Records) and Joey Bada$$. The year of Flying Lotus – again, but this time also with his enigmatic alter ego Captain Murphy. Genres continued to fade and merge in 2012, resulting in close to indefinable beats and amazing crossovers (with Shigeto’s Lineage as a prime example based on our lists). Vinyl sales are still rising and it was a good year for limited edition records and (innovative) physical releases. Most importantly however, 2012 was the year of independent hip hop, and beatmakers in particular (for us, that is).

Best Of 2012
We’re approaching the end of the year, so that means it’s time for end-of-the-year-lists mayhem again. We’ve decided to publish (completely subjective) individual lists by several well-respected The Find contributors. That way you can dig in our individual recommendations for an eclectic and surprising outcome. Check all posts by each contributor, dig in all hyperlinks, listen to our favorite tracks and discover recommended artists or releases from 2012. Each list (start below) functions as a virtual crate for your digging pleasure.


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