Article: Introducing… Nicholas Kopernicus

No, Nicholas Kopernicus is not a pasty white Olympic hockey player, nor is he a future, never heard before 7 foot Polish center being looked at for next year’s NBA draft. Surprisingly, Nicholas Kopernicus is a instrumental duo that consists of Producer/Pianist/Songwriter Jason “classicbeatz” Minnis and Guitarist/Songwriter Seon Gomez (Yes, he was also a Polish astronomer).

Music: Nicholas Kopernicus – The Southside

The duo has just released their debut album, ‘Audiocentric’, which is available via all digital retailers and is being described as a journey through modern music of the African Diaspora and a serene and worldly record full of afrobeat, funk, soul, blues, folk, reggae, and hip hop influences.

Carlito Brigante explains the pure artistry behind the record in his article that covered his photo session with the artists in Bedstuy, NY, saying: “The entire album was created in Jason’s home studio. A 6×10ft room in his Brooklyn’s apartment where Nicholas Kopernicus crafted the album note by note – chord by chord – instrument by instrument – overlapping layers of live instrumentation, leveraging everything in their environment from pots and pans to Jimbe drum recording in the bathroom. Methods and tricks that would be considered unorthodox by many recording engineers but techniques that gives ‘Audiocentric’ a genuine soul and personality.”

Genuine soul is what best describes the instrumentals throughout ‘Audiocentric’ and the pristine production is illuminated even more when performed organically. To accompany his photo journey in Philadelphia, photographer Carlito Brigante phoned up Nicholas Kopernicus to provide their talents for the soundtrack of the project. The phone call led to an EP of beautiful acoustic recordings and selections from the ‘Audiocentric LP’ that can be downloaded here for free.

Words by: Ryan Monk
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