Video: Cloud. – Creme’d

Brooklyn based beatsmith Cloud. shared a new video for a song from his upcoming album ‘Candy Coated Freshness’ coming out November 8th. Creme’d is an ethereal beat that could almost be on a sound track to the world of sleep and dreams. The new album will go on Presale November 1st for limited edition run of 50 cassette tapes. I’m a huge fan of this cat, and I know I am definitely copping one of those cassettes.

Peep the video and if you haven’t already, dig through his Bandcamp page, there a bunch of older amazing free albums. His last album, ‘Hang + Bang’, is only $5. Support hip hop, you know you want that album! The dude that played Darth Maul, Peter Serafinowicz, even copped it!