Video: MAGNOLIUS – Selaron

MAGNOLIUS visited Rio de Janeiro’s Escadaria Selaron (Selaron’s Staircase) while touring in 2008 and found inspiration on the mosaic tiled steps that symbolize harmony and cultural independence. A global destination where countries are marked by their own vibrant patch of stone.

To highlight the song ‘Selaron’ from their award winning sophomore album Mary Musth, MAGNOLIUS held a music video contest and received submissions from around the world, but only one captured the heart of the track.

Nuno Barbosa, a graphic artist based in Aveiro, Portugual, was moved by the song’s lyrics and jazz-infused beat: “This music video was a pleasure to make,” says Barbosa. “When I found out the song was inspired by Jorge Selaron, I thought of the Gaudi-like style that he used in creating the ever-evolving masterpiece. I looked for places that were grey or dismal so that I could bring them to life.”

By chance, Barbosa contacted his friend J. Goncalves who was visiting Rio de Janeiro. Goncalves in turn reached out to Selaron and met with him on the famous steps, camera in hand, bringing the song around the world and back to the spot where it all began.


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