Free Download: Mo Kolours – Banana Wine EP

Allright, this is some damn nice and unique music. Mo Kolours is a percussionist and singer with family roots in Mauritius, a tiny island off the coast of Africa near Madagascar. His music is an infectious blend of African island rhythms and soulful hip hop stylings. 

The title track, “Banana Wine” is one of my favourite tracks of the year already and the rest of the EP further contributes to the modern African mood felt throughout the record. The digital EP is available for free so check it out! And if you like the tunes and want to fully experience the influences of Mauritius and England colliding in a African fusion soup, cop the limited edition 12″.

1. Ridda Mountain 03:07
2. Twelve 02:56
3. Mini Culcha 02:35
4. Keep It Up 02:36
5. Banana Wine 03:08
6. Talking Move 03:12
7. Temi 01:27
8. Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix) 05:49

Free Download


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