The Find Mag is a platform to discover hidden hip-hop gems while uncovering sampled originals. An outlet for the exploratory listener: discover more music through hip-hop. The Find is grounded in a deep love for beatmaking, crate-digging culture, and independent labels.

Over the last ten years (and counting), The Find has released numerous projects. This includes print magazines, vinyl records, cassette tapes, and T-shirts. Besides that, The Find co-hosted a few events in Amsterdam and Berlin, and hosts hundreds of guest mixes on Mixcloud.

The Find was founded by Danny Veekens (freelance music journalist & editor) and features contributors (editors, illustrators, and DJs/beatmakers) from around the globe. Collectors and music fanatics alike based in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Zaragoza, Melbourne, and beyond.

“It takes two to make a thing go right”

The Find is not a label. But we love to join forces with record labels, artists and companies. Previous collaborations and activations include Mixcloud, Converse, HHV Records, Mr. J Medeiros (ft. Shad, Stro Elliot & 20syl), Dour Festival, Boogiedown Breda Festival, Project Mooncircle, KingUnderground, and Delicious Vinyl. Interested in partnering up? Get in touch.

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The Find Mag

Happy digging.