Guest Mix: Suplington – Spaghetti Junction (2011)

Suplington is a young downtempo producer from Watford, England. His music is very laid back, chilled out and contains elements from many styles including hip hop, trip hop, and more. This smooth mix features only tracks from UK based musicians, a tribute to the artists that have inspired Suplington. 

1. Intro
2. Bonobo – The Plug
3. TM Juke – Just For A Day (Sunday)
4. Pilote – Turtle (Bonobo Remix)
5. Suplington – Lack Of Definition
6. Jon Kennedy – Pick Up Sticks
7. Rupert – Wilderness Kids (Suplington Remix)
8. Grant Lawson – Beat Break 1
9. Quantic – Time Is The Enemy
10. Nomad Noise – Just Relax
11. Jaggi – Timeless Worlds (Interlude)
12. iambic – Fragments
13. Jon Kennedy – Lodestar
14. King Seven – Hidden
15. Suplington – Ships & Bottles (Instrumental)

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