News: Prequel to Shafiq Husayn’s ‘The L∞P’

News: Prequel to Shafiq Husayn’s ‘The L∞P’

Production maestro Shafiq Husayn is preparing the release of his upcoming album The L∞P. A series of previews dubbed “Pre-Alignment” function as sneak peeks and tasty bits leading up to the beautifully titled album. This 26-minute mix titled Vol. 1: Beatstrumentals & Dialog is the first promotional drop.

Vol. 1: Beatstrumentals & Dialog is a promising taste of what’s to come. Future-soul, live instrumentation, warm sounds, progressive productions, skilled beatmaking and collaborations with vocalists like Krondon, J Mitchell and D Prosper. Based on Shafiq’s video EPK series of The L∞P demos and recording sessions, it seems like the album will also include guest appearances by Miguel Atwood Ferguson and Om’Mas Keith.

The L∞P (or The Loop) by the founding member of Sa-Ra Creative Partners is a sequel to his first solo album Shafiq En’ A Free Ka from 2009, which was a stunning soul and funk infused LP carefully crafted with Husayn’s trademark L.A. sound. The mix Vol. 1: Beatstrumentals & Dialog is available for free below.

1. The Boarding
2. Again (get up get it)
3. The Process
4. Mercury In Retrograde
5. Posture 29
6. The Wheel – Alignment 1a
7. Always Love You
8. This Day
9. Staring You (star in you) (w/ The Dove Society feat. Breezy Lovejoy & J Mitchell)
10. Stay Tuned (Skit )
11. Pablo (feat. Krondon)
12. See The Prophet Coming
13. Spotlight
14. Uhhhh
15. Alignment 2
16. Floatation
17. Back At It (Shafiq freestyle)
18. A Kiss In French
19. Rebel Soldier (feat. D Prosper)

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