Scratch & Sniff with Jazz Spastiks

This is fun: UK based jazz hop duo Jazz Spastiks have started a crowdfunding project for Scratch & Sniff, an album (12″ vinyl/CD/digital) and book combining music with actual scents. That’s a first. Well, except for Lil Yachty, who’s working hard on his concept of an entire discography to smell like shit.

Each song is based on a distinctive smell (eg. banana, chocolate, spray paint & bubblegum), and the book contains scratch panels with a special paste holding the scent, until you scratch it with your finger to sniff the scent while listening to the associated track.

Listen to the first jazzy track below, called “Fresh Oranges”. We got in touch with Coconut Delight & Mr. Manyana to find out a little bit more: “The song contains the sound of a glass being filled and the idea was to invoke the feeling of enjoying some fresh orange juice on a hot sunny afternoon. For Scratch & Sniff, our idea was to go for stuff that was distinctive and instantly recognisable.”

Scratch & Sniff sounds like a fun and lighthearted collector’s item—and a good tool to indoctrinate your (future) kids with quality jazz-influenced hip hop instrumentals.

Pre-order: Jazz Spastiks’ IndieGoGo


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