Uncommon Approach: Jealous One’s Envy

Uncommon Approach: Jealous One’s Envy

I’m going to be honest. I spend most of my days online staring at Twitter and then reading through blogs. It’s a blend of being a businessman and being a fan.

‘Uncommon Approach’ is a column written by Paul “Nasa” Loverro, owner of independent label Uncommon Records. With this frequent column, he gives readers an all access look at the ups and downs of running an independent Hip Hop label in this day and age. An in-depth column from the perspective of an Indie label owner. 

I’m going to be honest.  I spend most of my days online staring at Twitter and then reading through blogs.  It’s a blend of being a businessman and being a fan. 

My philosophy is that print magazines are an endangered species.  90% of our promotion effort here is aimed at blogs.  When I say blogs, I mean websites designed like magazines, like this one, all the way to that guy in his basement that loves music and only posts like 3 times a week.

Gimme Mine
Maybe it’s me, but I still can’t help getting, well, jealous.  Sometimes I take out this frustration on my Twitter feed (@uncommonrecords).  Sometimes I shrug and sometimes it burns.  I’m convinced this happens to every musician and every label owner.  But is there a point where your jealousy or envy is valid?  I’m sure there are dudes that have rapped for a month that want this and that.  But I’ve been at this on a professional level since 1999.  I’ve been running this label since 2004.  I’ve worked on classic records as an engineer, a producer and as an emcee.  Some of which are staples of Ipods around the world.  So where’s mine?

Getting “there”
Maybe I’ve gotten mine already and I just don’t know it yet.  What frustrates me the most is I feel like I’ve assembled some of the most creative people on the planet and I read about random ass cats that are making the same record that could have come out ten years ago get blown everywhere.  It’s petty I guess, but hey, I am an artist right? 

At the same time, my quest to constantly get to “there” is what drives me and therefor my label.  The fire never stops burning.  I think we’ve gotten way more attention then we did 4, 3 or even 2 years ago.  Each year that passes we are growing.  More people know about us then ever and I’ve gotten to meet lots of really great people through doing this.  I even get to do stuff like this. 

Their “there”
I tell my artists all the time, “It’s not a talent contest”.  Sometimes I have to remember that myself.  We will all get “there”, but we have to remember that someone somewhere is looking at Uncommon Records and we are at their “there”

Someday I want to see Japan.  That’s all I’m saying.  One.

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