Giveaway: Mentalow’s “Like An Automatic Weapon” T-shirt

Giveaway: Mentalow’s “Like An Automatic Weapon” T-shirt

We kick off this week with a T-shirt giveaway, courtesy of French imprint Mentalow Music. The piece of apparel complements the release of Like An Automatic Weapon by beatmaker Vin’S da Cuero and his significant other, Pumpkin. They’re joined by a French all-star cast consisting of Gaël Faye, Lemdi, Mauikai (of Backpack Jax), Tchad Unpoe, Gas, and DJ Lyrik.

The Like An Automatic Weapon project is centered around the theme of ‘hard work,’ by independent artists and indie labels in particular. The limited edition shirt (men or women) has been designed by Akrolab, and comes with a free download code to get the original track, the remix, the instrumental version and the a cappella. Watch the official videos below.

Purchase the T-shirt here, or try your luck with our contest:

Tell us what your favourite Mentalow Music release is

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UPDATE: Congrats to ‘Eskimo’ (comment section), he’s the winner of this contest!



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